humoral immunity

The humoral immune response employs antibodies secreted by B lymphocytes, and is a component of the adaptive immune response. In addition to antibody production, the immune system secretes chemical mediators.

Elements of the humoral response include:
● secretion of antibodies
___● neutralization of pathogens and toxins
___● activation of classical complement pathway
___opsonin production
● stimulation of cellular responses
___● formation of germinal centers
___activation of helper T cells (Th2)
___● production of memory B lymphocytes
___opsonin-directed phagocytosis and elimination of pathogens
● chemi-genetic responses
___isotype switching between immunoglobulin types
___affinity maturation (combining somatic hypermutation and affinity based clonal selection)
___● production of immune cytokines
___C9 complement membrane attack complex
___● production of acute phase-inflammatory response mediators

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